What’s Happening at Johnson Farms

Harvest Season

Join Us for Autumn Colors & Fun!

Experience the lifestyle, meaningful exertion, nourishing food, long agricultural views, clean air, healthy animals and living soils. We welcome you to visit and share in the harvest of our farm this season

We allow medically necessary pets only with current vaccination records ON LEASH in light of the fact that we have farm animals needing protection, and our guests as well. Otherwise, please leave Fido and Fifi at home.

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Update: We have sold over half our crop with 5 varieties SOLD OUT! Many are now in bloom, with late varieties budded up ready to bloom in the next two weeks for Halloween/November color. Hurry in for best selection.

$16.99 for a single; $16.59 for 3 or more; $15.99 for 50 or more, U-Haul, with appointment for pickup ( no weekends!)

We’re open now through Halloween until 3 pm. Here’s the link for discounted admission with tickets purchased online.

Gala and Honey Crisp are in late August.

Red and Golden Delicious, and Braeburn are in September.

Fuji, Granny Smith, and Pink Lady are the October ready ripe apples awaiting your visit.

We have tomatoes, bell and hot peppers, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and some beets. They are ready for picking when the pumpkin patch is open. Click here: “Upick Availability” to find out what is available the week you plan to visit. We cannot answer individual emails about our harvest dates. We will post here and on Facebook when they are available and what prices to expect.

We grow sunflowers and pumpkins as crops to be enjoyed by all of our patrons. We require admission to be paid by anyone who is desiring access to the fruits of our farm. We do not offer photographers any other discount or deal, especially due to liability issues that could occur while you are on our property. Our insurance carrier, requires that any individuals profiting from photography (getting paid for the sessions at our farm) have:

  • An appointment and express permission from the Johnson Family
  • A copy of your liability insurance policy on file showing $1,000,000 coverage
  • A heads up email at least 24 hours in advance letting us know that you will be bringing clients to do this.

Please go to the website or Facebook page before heading out when weather is iffy; we reserve the right to close various parts of the farm when unsafe conditions are at hand.

We wish we didn’t have to charge for anything, but then, we wouldn’t be here! Because the whole month of October seems to revolve around the odd, round, orange fruit, and we grow them, we get quite a few requests to donate pumpkins. To handle all the inquiries fairly, we have had to adopt a Johnson Farm Donation Policy. Here it is: if your enterprise is a non-profit, faith based entity, from our local, Belton, community, we will consider your request for a donation during the season. If you are one or all of those things, send us an email through the Contact Us tab and we will get back to you. If you are not, sorry, but we will not be returning an email.

At this time, we do not offer wholesale discounts for pumpkins or mums, nor do we take orders for delivery of pumpkins or mums. We are first and foremost a family entertainment venue and prioritize that community need. If the crop looks like we have enough to offer them to wholesale customers, we will post that on our homepage and on our Facebook page along with a link to a price list. Thanks for your interest.

Yes, we are not funded by any city parks and rec division and welcome you onto our land to enjoy how we have stewarded the blessing of owning the land. The admission helps to cover all the overhead, insurance, workers’ living wages and yearly improvements you will enjoy. We work hard to earn your entertainment dollar.

Buy admission tickets here for $2 off the gate admission price.

It’s actually easier to tell you what is NOT included!

In Pumpkin Season you will pay extra for:

  • Harvested crops
  • Concessions
  • Any retail store items

We allow unlimited timed jumps on our Giant Jumping Pillow which are included in every child’s admission. We ONLY run Farmer Tom’s Crazy Train on the Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm.We do not  have the Dinosaur Chomper, Pumpkin Cannon, or Pig Races during weekdays, which is why the admission to the play yard costs less Monday – Friday.

No, sorry. Our insurance won’t allow bonfires, and we like to close before it’s dark, as we have no lights.

NO OUTSIDE FOOD. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL is allowed.

They are available for purchase ONLY on our Ticket page. They are $25.99/person plus tax and fees. We also offer a VIP Season Pass with includes 6 prepaid items discounted by 10% to redeem throughout the season and access to our VIP checkout lane:

  • 1/2 dozen donuts
  • one 3 gallon mum
  • 1/2 peck U-pick veggies
  • 1/2 peck U-pick apples
  • one 15 lb (basketball size) pumpkin
  • one vase of U-cut flowers (fill with U-cut flowers free for the rest of the season!)

It runs $85.99; many parents buy one of those for themselves and regular passes for the other family members.

These can be purchased here.

Ideally you should pick a day where you have 1 1/2 or more hours to enjoy everything on the farm. LAST ENTRANCE IS AT 5PM EVERY DAY WE ARE OPEN with the last wagon ride going out within one half hour of closing: so last wagon ride out is 5:30, we close at 6 pm.

You bet! active Military families with official I.D.s will be awarded $2 off each family member’s admission during Pumpkin Season (9/17-10/31/21). (Photo I.D. may be requested if no photo is on military I.D.)

The best deals are offered to our email customers (sign up here) .