Frequently Asked Questions

May 24: Because our crop is on flat ground and the many recent rains, U-Pick opportunities are not yet available. When we have strawberries to pick, we’ll post a picking report on Facebook and here on the website.

Here’s how to be best prepared for the strawberry field:

  • Dress in layers with sun protection in clothes that you don’t mind becoming soiled.
  • Wear some bug repellent of your choice. It’s been wet!
  • If it has rained recently, be prepared for mud.
  • Bring gloves if you want to protect your manicure.
  • No tools are necessary.
  • We will issue a reusable cardboard flat specifically designed for strawberries for a $2 fee.
  • If you want to bring your own container, please have it weighed by our staff prior to going out to the field.
    • Keep in mind that strawberries should not be mounded deeper than 4″ high (to prevent crushing).
  • JOHNSON FARMS HAS A STRICT NO-PET POLICY. Please leave Fido at home.
    • Even certified service dogs are not allowed in the U-Pick strawberry field. However, they are allowed in other non food-producing areas with proper health certification papers.

Only during weekdays; NO OUTSIDE FOOD ON WEEKENDS.