Cheryl Spicy Orange 55-57

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  • Starts blooming Early-October – Late-October. Since the Cheryl variety is a “Season Extender” (which means it stays in bloom 1-2 weeks longer than normal), from cracking color through full bloom life is approximately 5-7 weeks.
  • The size of the flower is medium.
  • This “mounding” mum grows in such a way as to create a rounded appearance, but more upright than spherical. Mounding plants can serve as a transition in the landscape between strongly upright and low, trailing plants.
  • Varieties in the same “family” (i.e., Cheryl, Arluno, etc) are the same flower size, bloom time, shape; they’re just different colors. When combined,they present a uniform array of various hues.
  • This vigorous mum is a Johnson Farms’ favorite for its extra long bloom time andhas been a “best seller” for years.
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