Fall Season Frequently Asked Questions

When will we begin selling our garden mums?

Our retail store will be open every day from 9 am to 6 pm, beginning  Friday, September 1, 2017.

What vegetables are available this year in our U-Pick Patch and when can we start picking?

Friday, Sept. 15 is our official kick off to vegetable picking. Prices will be at or lower than commercial price points because you do the work. Click here to learn about our U-PICK Veggie Program this fall.

When can we come pick pumpkins?

SEPTEMBER 23 is the first day we welcome you out to the pumpkin patch.

Do you donate pumpkins?

We wish we didn’t have to charge for anything, but then, we wouldn’t be here! Because the whole month of October seems to revolve around the odd, round, orange fruit, and we grow them, we get quite a few requests to donate pumpkins. To handle all the inquiries fairly, we have had to adopt a Johnson Farm Donation Policy. Here it is: if your enterprise is a non-profit, faith based entity, from our local, Belton, community, we will consider your request for a donation during the season.

Do you sell pumpkins or mums to wholesale accounts?

At this time, we do not offer wholesale discounts for pumpkins, nor do we take orders for delivery of pumpkins. We are first and foremost a family entertainment venue and prioritize that community need. If the crop looks like we have enough to offer them to wholesale customers, we will post that on our homepage and on our Facebook page along with a link to a price list. Thanks for your interest.

Do we have to pay to come pick pumpkins?

Yes, we are not funded by any city parks and rec division and welcome you onto our land to enjoy how we have stewarded the blessing of owning the land. The admission helps to cover all the overhead, insurance, workers’ living wages and yearly improvements you will enjoy. We work hard to earn your entertainment dollar.

What is included in the admission?

It’s actually easier to tell you what is NOT included because we don’t nickle and dime you to death here. You will pay extra for whatever you choose to harvest, concessions or any retail store items. One jump on our Giant Jumping Pillow is included in every kids admission, but additional jumps and Farmer Tom’s train are extra. That’s it for extras. OUR 20 acre CORN MAZE is INCLUDED! All of our other included features can be found on the Pumpkin Season page.

How much do we charge for admission to the farm? For U-pick pumpkins?

Please visit our Admission and U-Pick Pricing page for that information.

Do you have bonfires or night time activities?

Nope, sorry. Our insurance won’t allow bonfires, and we like to close before it’s dark as we have no lights.

Can we bring in our own food?

Only during weekdays; NO OUTSIDE FOOD ON WEEKENDS.

Do you offer Group Discounts?

Yep, for 30 or more; they are explained here.

Do you offer a season pass?

Yes, here is the link to discover what that entails. It’s on the Special Discount Page. Go again and purchase one here.

Do you offer a military discount?

You bet! active Military families with official I.D.s will be awarded $2 off each family member’s admission, every day of the week. (Photo I.D. may be requested if no photo is on military I.D.)

What is the latest we can arrive and still go pick a pumpkin?

Our last wagon ride goes out at 5:30, and we close every night at 6:00, so you will need to catch that last wagon ride back. Please do not expect our staff to stay much later. Ideally you should pick a day where you have 1 1/2 or more hours to enjoy everything on the farm.

Are there coupons available?

Yes, the best deals are offered to our email customers through our Coupon Club (you may sign up here), or join our Bandana Club(details in the store). Otherwise KC PARENT and iFamilyKC both have coupons available in their September issues which are all FREE publications.